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October 23, 2008

FIGHT ALERT. Ring of Combat 22 on 11/21

Ring of Combat XXII

Tropicana Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

Nov. 21, 2008 – 8:30pm

The best regional promotion in the east coast, Ring of Combat is back featuring four title fights.  Ultimate Fighter 7 contestant and former IFL fighter Dante Rivera (10-3) facing undefeated Lionhead mma fighter Paul Bradley (7-0) for the ROC middleweight belt.  Ricardo Almeida fighter, UFC and EliteXC veteran Chris “the Story” Ligouri (8-7) will face undefeated Cory Mahon (8-0) for the ROC lightweight title. Also on the card, fighting out of the Renzo Gracie Academy is Igor Gracie competing in his second mixed martial arts fight.

Full Fight Card


Chris Liguori vs Cory Mahon

Dante Rivera vs Paul Bradley

Rich Ashkar vs Tom Gallicchio


Constantino Phillipou vs John Doyle

Joe Abouata vs Paul White

Tim Troxell vs Dave Sachs

Igor Gracie vs Steve Barnett

Jimmy Rivera vs Anthony Montanero

John Salgado vs Jay Isip

Sean Foreman vs Greg Soto


Nick Pace vs Doug Anderson

Jay McLean vs Anthony Budion

Pat Collins vs Jim Boudarakis

Eric Hyer vs Seth Tringer

Rob Guarino vs Doug Sonier


July 9, 2008

Ring of Combat XX Photos and Recap

Ring of Combat XX Photos from
Photos courtesy of Steven Sachs. To purchase photos contact Steven Sachs at

Erick Tavares vs Nick Catone

Catone via TKO (strikes) 4:25 of round 1

Doug Gordon vs Tom Gallicchio

Gallicchio via rear naked choke 3:11 round 1

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Recap posted by Arias Garcia Jr. from the official site of Lou Neglia

Atlantic City, NJ—Even though the event was missing one of its biggest fights, Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat XX still brought plenty of excitement to the Jersey Shore. The event was highlighted by another impressive performance from Tom Gallicchio as he successfully defended his USKBA Welterweight Title against Doug Gordon with a rear naked choke in the first round. In what appeared to be a mismatch in the other title bout, the undefeated Nick Catone almost had a scare when the grizzly veteran, Eric Tavares slapped on an armbar from the bottom in their USKBA Middleweight title bout. Catone was resilient, avoided the submission and TKO’d Tavares near the end of the first round. Here are the official results and play-by-play from Friday night’s action:

Ring of Combat XX

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Tropicana, Atlantic City, NJ.

USKBA Middleweight Title Championship:

Nick Catone (BJJ Shore Academy/Ricardo Almeida) vs. Eric Tavares (Shotokan BJJ)

Round 1: A feeling process out ensues and Catone is unable to take Tavares down after two feeble attempts. Catone eats a left kick to the face and catches it and takes Tavares down. Tavares defends well from the ground-and-pound and secures and armbar. Catone slams him a few times but Tavares holds onto the armbar. Tavares eventually gives it up and eats some leather in from ground-and pound. Catone is able to get the crucifix position on top and traps both of Tavares’ arms. In this position, Catone lands heavy blows and the referee is forced to stop the bout.
Catone def. Tavares by TKO – 4:25 rd. 1

USKBA Welterweight Title Championship:

Tom Gallicchio (Rhino Fight Team) vs. Doug Gordon (Team Rush Elite BJJ)

Round 1: After trading some strikes, Gordon gets the takedown but welcomes a stand up. They trade strikes again and Gordon appears to getting the better of Gallicchio. After another clinch, Gallicchio gets the takedown and lands in the mount position. From here, Gallicchio is able to land heavy punches but Gordon gets out of danger. Gallicchio almost gets side control but then winds up taking Gordon’s back and sinking the hooks. Gallicchio secures the rear-naked-choke and forces the challenger to tap for another impressive performance.
Gallicchio def. Gordon by rear naked choke – 3:11 rd. 1

Costa Phillippou (Team Serra Longo) vs. Tony Andreocci (NJ Combat Club)

Round 1: Phillippou wastes no time and stuns Andreocci early with strikes. Seemingly out on his feet, Andreocci tastes more leather and is dropped, Referee Kevin Mulhall halts the bout just 22 seconds into the first round.
Phillippou def. Andreocci by KO – 0:22 rd. 1

Fernando Rivera (Team Ewick) vs. Brett Kohan (Rhino Fight Team)
Round 1: These big boys come out swinging and after tasting each other’s leather, Kohan goes for a takedown and ends up in a clinch. They separate and both appear to be comfortable on the feet. Kohan lands a thunderous right hand and drops Rivera on his back. Kohan follows it up with some vicious ground-and-pound knocking Rivera and his mouthpiece completely out. Doctors attend to Rivera and he is finally helped to his feet after a scary knockout.

Kohan def. Rivera by KO – 1:48 rd. 1

Scott Harrington (Alex Wilkie) vs. Ed Fyvie (Ricardo Almeida/Spa City BJJ)
Round 1: After trading a few insignificant strikes, Fyvie clinches with Harrington and forces him against the cage. Fyvie breaks apart with a punch and Harrington answers with a kick to the body. They clinch again with Harrington’s back on the fence. They separate and Fyvie lands more strikes. They clinch again but the referee separates them. Harrington looks uncomfortable in the stand up game and Fyvie lands a huge right followed by a knee. Fyvie then pounces on Harrington and the fight is stopped by the referee. Harrington stands up and has a nice size cut on the bridge of his nose.
Fyvie def. Harrington by TKO (ref. stoppage to a cut) – 3:55 rd. 1

Ryan LaFlare (Bellmore Kickboxing) vs. Radji Bryson Barrett (TSMMA)
Round 1: The fighters circle each other until LaFlare clinches and gets the takedown on Barrett. They eventually land in Barrett’s guard and LaFlare brings him to the cage. Barrett tries for an armbar but is up against the cage and LaFlare pulls out. LaFlare gets back in side control but Barrett brings it back to the feet and gets the takedown but lands in a triangle. LaFlare switches to an armbar and after trying to punch his way out, Barrett eventually taps out.
LaFlare def. Barrett by armbar – 2: 38 rd. 1

Brian Demuro (Bomb Squad) vs. Nabih (Team Serra Longo)
Round 1: Nabih tries for a “Superman” punch but Demuro avoids the strike and forces Nabih against the cage. Demuro jumps guard but Nabih eventually forces the stand up after they both nullify each other on the ground. The fighters clinch again and Nabih lands a right hand and almost get Demuro’s back while standing. They clinch again and Nabih tries for a guillotine choke against the cage as the round ends.

Round 2: Nabih tries to trade strikes and Demuro forces a clinch. Nabih keeps the heat standing and lands a right hand and subsequently takes Demuro down. In guard, Demuro attempts a gogo plata but it is quickly thwarted and the fighters get back to their feet. Another clinch ensues and the referee separates them. Nabih starts with some flashy kicks and punches as Demuro seems uncomfortable in the stand up game. It appears that during this exchange, Demuro lost his mouthpiece. During the break between second and third round, Demuro doesn’t answer the bell to an apparent knee injury.

Nabih def. Demuro by TKO – 4:00 rd. 2

Dwayne Shelton (Team Prodigy) vs. James Meals (AMA Fight/Renzo) Gracie
Round 1: Shelton throws a right, misses and then clinches. He almost gets a takedown but Meals is able to land on his knee and get back to his feet. Shelton tries a throw but inadvertently lands with Meals on top. In Shelton’s guard, Meals is reversed to the bottom. Meals attempts an armbar from the bottom and Shelton backs away and welcomes the stand up. A right hook stuns Meals but he is able to recover quickly and get a takedown. This time Meals is more active but Shelton is able to avoid any significant damage. The round ends in Shelton’s guard.

Round 2: This time the fighters exchange strikes and when Shelton throws a kick, Meals grabs it and takes him down. Shelton gets back to his feet but gets taken down again. Shelton is able to get on top but Meals attempts another armbar. Shelton avoids the submission and lands some heavy ground-and-pound and then forces Meals to stand up. Meals gets another takedown but Shelton is able to gain the top position again. From here, Shelton lands some ground-and-pound and lets Meals stand up. Shelton lands another huge right that puts Meals back on the ground but he quickly recovers. Shelton lets the fight stand back up and swings again for the fences. He misses and Meals gets the takedown and lands on top with only ten seconds left in the round.

Round 3: Shelton continues the striking from round two but Meals is able to avoid any damage and gets the takedown. Shelton tries for a guillotine from the bottom but is unsuccessful. Shelton is able to tie up Meals from the bottom forcing a referee stand-up. Shelton finds another home for his right hand but Meals responds with a left hand. Meals grabs for a single leg but Shelton punishes him with shots to the body and head. Meals tries for another takedown but is unsuccessful. He gets the takedown on the second attempt but there are only 10 seconds left in the third and final round.
Shelton def. Meals by unanimous decision after three rounds (30-27 all)

Dom Stanco (Bellmore Kickboxing) vs. John Salgado (Team Ross Zocchi)
Round 1: These two come out swinging and Stanco initially stuns Salgado with a left hand and then finishes with an uppercut forcing his opponent to his knees with his mouthpiece flying. The referee halts the bout as Salgado gets up and protests. It appears as though Salgado was momentarily out and was going to receive more punishment if the referee did not intervene.

Stanco def. Salgado by KO – 0:14 rd. 1

Troy Maxwell (ACMMA) vs. Rich Ashkar (Team Oliveria)
Round 1: Ashkar goes right for the takedown and gets it. Ashkar then transition smoothly and sinks the hooks in. From the Ashkar works for the rear-naked choke and although Maxwell tried to defend, he eventually tapped out.
Ashkar def. Maxwell by rear naked choke – 1:05 rd. 1

Joey Camacho (AMA Fight/Renzo Gracie) vs. Vasilica Goian (TSMMA)

Round 1: The fighters clinch and Goian forces Camacho to the cage. Against the cage, Camacho goes for guillotine but is unable to fully secure it. The referee separates them and Goian sprawls and avoids a takedown attempt. Camacho is still relentless and grabs for a single leg forcing Goian to the mat. After Camacho is unable to improve his position in the guard, the referee stands them up. Camacho attempts another takedown but the round ends.

Round 2: They clinch quickly again and this time Goian gets the takedown. Camacho gets to his knees but Goian is delivering some heavy body shots. Camacho then reverses and lands on top in Goian’s guard. A stall in the action forces another stand-up. Camacho attempts another single leg but Goian defends well. They both stand up and after a brief exchange of strikes, Camacho gets the takedown with 45 seconds left in the round. However, Camacho is unable to land any serious damage on top and the round ends.

Round 3: Both fighters appear to be tired but Camacho comes out and gets another takedown. Goian defends well in his guard an attempts a guillotine choke from the bottom. Although Camacho gets out, he is unable to land any ground and pound or improve position. The referee forces another stand-up. Camacho goes right in for the takedown but Goian sprawls and attempts a guillotine. Goian attempts to take the back but Camacho escapes and the fighters end up in Camacho’s guard. The third round ends with both fighters extremely exhausted.
Goian def. Camacho by split dec. after three rounds (29-28, 28-29, 29-28 )

Jay Silva (Team Rampage Jackson) vs. Mark DaPolito (Pitt’s Penn)

Round 1: After Silva tried a flying knee, DaPolito grabbed him in mid air and slammed him to the mat. From there, DaPolito was unable to do any significant damage from Silva’s guard. When DaPolito attempted to gain side control, he was reversed and Silva landed on top and gained full mount. DaPolito turned to give his back and Silva sunk the hooks in. However, he wasn’t able to secure the rear naked choke and DaPolito was able to get the fight back to the feet. After a clinch, DaPolito was able to take Silva down and the round ended with DaPolito on top.

Round 2:

A left-right combination stunned DaPolito but he was able to clinch quickly. Silva was then able to secure a takedown and gained DaPolito’s back. Same result as round one as DaPolito was able to escape and get on top. Silva defended well in the guard and doesn’t receive any damage. Silva eventually escapes and gets on top and passes to side control. DaPolito gives his back up again and this time, there was no escape from the rear-naked-choke.
Silva def. DaPolito by rear naked choke 3:47 rd. 2

June 29, 2008

Ring of Combat XX Results

From Atlantic City, NJ

June 27, 2008

Jay Silva defeats Mark Dapolito by Rear-Naked Choke (3:47 of R2)

Vasilica Goian defeats Joey Camacho by Unanimous Decision ( 29-28 )

Rich Ashkar defeats Troy Maxwell via Rear-Naked Choke (1:05 of R1)

Dom Stanco defeats John Salgado by KO (14 sec. R1)

Dwayne Shelton defeats James Meals by Unanimous Decision ( 30-27 )

Nabith defeats Brian DeMuro by TKO (Corner Stoppage after R2)

Ryan LaFlare defeats Radji Bryson-Barrett via Armbar (2:38 R1)

Ed Fyvie defeats Scott Harrington by TKO (Ref. stoppage due to Cut 3:55 R1)

Bret Kohan defeats Fernando Rivera by KO (2:48 R?)

Coasta Phillippou defeats Tony Andreocci by KO (R1)

Tom Gallicchio defeats Doug Gordon via Rear-Naked Choke (2:11 R?)

Nick Catone defeats Eric Tavares by TKO (Ref Stoppage 4:25 R1)

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