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July 15, 2008

Association of Boxing Commissioners names New Jersey official head of new MMA Commission.

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The Association of Boxing Commissioners, which recently made some waves after announcing proposed changes to MMA’s weight classes, has created a new committee to focus on mixed martial arts.

The MMA committee will be headed by Nick Lembo, the legal counsel for the New Jersey Athletic Control Board.

Lembo confirmed the appointment with

Good news, boxing officials will no longer be in charge of making rules for Mixed Martial Arts. They’re almost finished destroying boxing and now they have their sights set on mma. Boxing has too many weight divisions and champions. These boxing officials attempted to add more weight classes to mma in an attempt to make it look more like boxing. After the huge backlash they received from promoters, fans and some state athletic commissions, they downplayed the changes as”guidelines”. It is misguided to have people who aren’t knowledgeable about a particular sport to pass rules and regulations for that sport.

Statement from the office of Nick Lembo via

I have been asked to chair the ABC’s MMA committee.

The ABC is comprised of athletic commissions from the United States and territories, Canadian provinces and both countries sovereign indian lands.

I would like your participation and input with regard to review of professional and amateur MMA matters. Your assistance would be a benefit to our committee members.

Your participation will conclude with a presentation report and document to the ABC membership at their 2009 convention in New Orleans next July. Please reply to me if interested.

Thank you for your involvement and support of the sport.

Nick Lembo


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