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November 29, 2008

Ring OF Combat XXII Results

from Ring of Combat website


NJSACB Official Weights, Results, Suspensions and Attendance

November 21, 2008
Promoter Louis Neglia
Ring of Combat
Tropicana Hotel and Casino
Atlantic City, NJ

Professional Mixed Martial Arts

Ringside Physicians Drs. Sherry Wulkan, Michael Kelly and Vincent Guida

Announcer Peter Neglia

Timekeeper Jason Robinson

Scorekeeper Ernie Suarez

Judges Eric Colon, Jeff Blatnick and Cardo Urso

Referees Yves Lavigne and Kevin Mulhall

Inspectors Gary Gudzak, Tony Tamburrino, Paul Hafner, Steve Errickson, Jon Bilyk, Michael DiBella, Todd Manfredi and Jim O’Connor

Rob Guarino vs Doug Sonier
Bout cancelled, Sonier fails weigh in, contract weight 155

Jim Boudourakis vs Pat Collins (Heavyweight)
Collins wins at 0:31 of round one via TKO referee stoppage due to unanswered strikes
Referee Yves Lavigne

Sean Santella vs Nick Pace (Bantumweight)
Pace wins unanimous decision two rounds
Judge Blatnick 20-18, Judge Urso 20-18 and Judge Colon 20-16
Referee Yves Lavigne

Chris Prestia vs Mike Stewart (Middleweight)
Stewart win via arm triangle at 3:34 of round one
Referee Yves Lavigne

John Salgado vs Jay Isip (Lightweight)
Salgado win via rear naked choke at 3:24 of round one
Referee Yves Lavigne

Biff Walizer vs Dom Stanco (Lightweight)
Stanco win via KO punch at 0:40 of round two
Referee Kevin Mulhall

Paul White vs Joe Abouata (Heavyweight)
Abouata win via rear naked choke at 3:06 of round one
Referee Yves Lavigne

Jason McLean vs Jimmie Rivera (Lightweight)
McLean wins split decision three rounds Judge Colon 29-28 Rivera, Judge Blatnick 30-28 McLean and Judge Urso 29-28 McLean
Referee Kevin Mulhall

Troy Maxwell vs Igor Gracie (Welterweight)
Gracie wins unanimous decision three rounds Judge Colon 30-26, Judge Blatnick 29-28 and Judge Urso 29-28
Referee Kevin Mulhall

John Doyle vs Costa Phillipou (LightHeavyweight)
Phillipou win TKO referee stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 3:05 of round three Doyle suspended 60 days
Referee Kevin Mulhall

David Sachs vs Tim Troxell (Featherweight)
Sachs win via rear choke at 4:40 of second round
Referee Kevin Mulhall

Cory Mahon vs Chris Liguori (Lightweight)
Liguori wins via armbar at 3:41 of round two
Referee Yves Lavigne

Paul Bradley vs Dante Rivera (Middleweight)
Bradley win via TKO referee stoppage due to punches at 0:34 of round one
Referee Yves Lavigne


October 30, 2008

Ken Shamrock Opens New Training Center in Connecticut

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Ken Shamrock’s World Renowned Lion’s Den Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Training Facility to Open in Middletown Connecticut

Middletown, CT. – October 9, 2008 – Ken Shamrock’s Lion’s Den Middletown, Connecticut’s premier 16,000 square foot Mixed Martial Arts training and fitness center, will be celebrating its grand opening the weekend of November 1st. CEO and President Douglas Cartelli, an Xavier High School alumni, has appointed long time friend and former cruiserweight boxing contender Craig Salamone, who is also an Xavier alumni, as Vice President of Operations and Director of Boxing for the Lion’s Den Training facility. In addition to having the most comprehensive MMA training center in Connecticut, it is their goal to help revive the sport of boxing in the state.

This impressive multi-level state-of-the-art facility has over 14,000 square feet of training space, with top of the line cardio and weight training equipment, over 60 hanging bags for conditioning, two professional boxing rings, a full size competition hexagon for mixed martial arts and two large areas of mat space for grappling and striking, which includes a 1,200 square foot caged in mat area. In addition, Lion’s Den Middletown has unrivalled amenities, such as full locker rooms, a phenomenal pro-shop stacked with name brand training gear and MMA apparel, a juice bar and lounge area in which to re-fuel, as well as a convenient in-house internet café.

According to MMA Legend and Lion’s Den Founder Ken Shamrock, “The Middletown Lion’s Den facility truly defines the ultimate MMA training experience. It is by far the most comprehensive training facility of its kind in North East, hands down. From the top notch equipment to the elite training staff, there isn’t a mixed martial arts training center in this state that can compete with what we have to offer.”

Ken Shamrock’s newest Lion’s Den offers a wide range of classes taught by the best boxing and mixed martial arts instructors in the industry, including former world champions. Each Lion’s Den instructor is an expert in their particular discipline. Classes are set up to accommodate men, women and children of all skill levels, from beginners to professional competitors. Members will have the unique opportunity to train with and along side Lion’s Den elite athletes. The cardio and weight training area are open 7 days a week and classes as well as private training sessions can be booked on-line at

Gym Grand opening on Halloween, 10/31

From Lions Den Connecticut website:

*FRIDAY, October 31 – Opens at 9am, No classes, 11am-2pm – Media & VIP day, Ken Shamrock special ‘MMA HOW TO’ Clinic, call to sign-up, last day for discounted sign-ups

*SATURDAY, November 1 – Opens at 9am, Official Grand Opening Day, Everyone invited, Ken Shamrock will be signing autographs all day

*SUNDAY, November 2 – Opens at 9am, No classes, Team Shamrock Tryouts for Professional Athletes Only, open to the public.

Instructors teaching at Ct. Lions Den

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach

Joe Abate (Purple belt under Andrew Calandrelli)

Submission Wrestling

Blair Tugman (4-2 mma record, Bodog veteran and NJ State wrestling champion)

MMA Coach

Frank Latina (IFL Veteran, (4-2 record)

Ryan Verret (1-1 mma record)

Boxing Coach

John Scully

Pito Cardona

John Callas

October 23, 2008

FIGHT ALERT. Ring of Combat 22 on 11/21

Ring of Combat XXII

Tropicana Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

Nov. 21, 2008 – 8:30pm

The best regional promotion in the east coast, Ring of Combat is back featuring four title fights.  Ultimate Fighter 7 contestant and former IFL fighter Dante Rivera (10-3) facing undefeated Lionhead mma fighter Paul Bradley (7-0) for the ROC middleweight belt.  Ricardo Almeida fighter, UFC and EliteXC veteran Chris “the Story” Ligouri (8-7) will face undefeated Cory Mahon (8-0) for the ROC lightweight title. Also on the card, fighting out of the Renzo Gracie Academy is Igor Gracie competing in his second mixed martial arts fight.

Full Fight Card


Chris Liguori vs Cory Mahon

Dante Rivera vs Paul Bradley

Rich Ashkar vs Tom Gallicchio


Constantino Phillipou vs John Doyle

Joe Abouata vs Paul White

Tim Troxell vs Dave Sachs

Igor Gracie vs Steve Barnett

Jimmy Rivera vs Anthony Montanero

John Salgado vs Jay Isip

Sean Foreman vs Greg Soto


Nick Pace vs Doug Anderson

Jay McLean vs Anthony Budion

Pat Collins vs Jim Boudarakis

Eric Hyer vs Seth Tringer

Rob Guarino vs Doug Sonier

October 14, 2008


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Date/Time: October 25, 2008 10:00 AM
Location: 175 Norris Drive
Rochester, New York
United States
Contact: Walter MacDonald


What- 4 hour seminar on Muay Thai Times- 10am-12noon 12-12:30 lunch break 12:30-2:30pm Cost- (Presale by Oct 17th) $65, (after Oct 17th) $95 Make checks payable to (Empire Academy) and send to: 175 Norris Drive Rochester, NY 14610


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Date/Time: October 18, 2008 7:00 AM
Location: 20 Railroad Ave.
Colonie, New York
United States
Contact: Nick Sanzo

July 31, 2008

M.M.A.’s Macho Badge of Honor: Deformed Ears (NY Times Article)

From The New York Times

By Michael Brick

published on July, 31 2008

Is your son into mixed martial arts? Check his ears.

Once an outlaw sport derided for its brutality, the prizefighting style known as mixed martial arts or ultimate fighting has toned down its act to gain government approval, a loyal television audience and hundreds of gyms training youngsters across the country. Now, to herald its full arrival, mixed martial arts has claimed a signature injury — cauliflower ear.

A deformity initiated by repetitive trauma, cauliflower ear can crumple an outer ear to a misshapen shell.

Unfazed by the prospect of living life as a walking what’s-grosser-than-gross joke, a nationwide corps of professional fighters, amateur enthusiasts and teenagers have taken to leaving their ears untreated or self-treated, wearing their shriveled, hardened waxen auricles as badges of honor.

“It’s definitely part of the culture,” said Dr. John H. Park, a physical therapist in Rockville, Md., who specializes in treating M.M.A. participants. “They say, ‘Chicks dig that stuff because they know you’re a fighter.’ “

A familiar chasm separates what women dig from what dudes imagine women dig. But for mixed martial arts, a combination of boxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu that has found favor among young men, cauliflower ear has assumed a place alongside such evocative conditions as torn elbow ligaments in pitchers, knee tendinitis in marathon runners and torn anterior cruciate ligaments in female basketball players.

In gym locker rooms and online discussion forums, teenage boys trade advice on ways to gain that telltale look.

“It’s man’s ear,” said Nisar Loynab, 15, who trains at Capital Jiu-Jitsu in Alexandria, Va. “When you get cauliflower, you’re really a man.”

Nisar, a 10th-grader who has lost weight and gained an incentive to make good grades through his pursuit of mixed martial arts, said his sore ears had yet to calcify. By leaving them untreated, he hopes to cultivate the appearance of more seasoned fighters, like his father.

His father, Abubakr Loynab, 43, who trains at the same gym, said he expected Nisar to develop the ailment.

“In my family, we’ve had boxers and stuff, and it’s just one way you toughen up the kid,” Loynab said. “There’s some people in here that he looks up to. He’ll go up and show them, ‘Look, I’m starting to get the cauliflower ear.’

Read the rest here

July 28, 2008

NY Gov. appoints woman to head boxing commission

from via Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Gov. David Paterson has selected longtime boxing judge Melvina Lathan to head the New York State Athletic Commission, which regulates professional boxing in New York.

Lathan, who replaces Ron Scott Stevens as chairman, says protecting the health, safety and welfare of boxers is her primary objective. She has judged 83 world championship fights and was confirmed by the Senate last year as the first female African-American commissioner.

Stevens is a former matchmaker and promoter credited with enforcing stricter regulation of prize fighting in New York as chairman since 2003. His term as a commissioner runs until January 2009.

Paterson has also nominated state Supreme Court Justice Edwin Torres to the third seat on the commission.

July 15, 2008

Association of Boxing Commissioners names New Jersey official head of new MMA Commission.

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The Association of Boxing Commissioners, which recently made some waves after announcing proposed changes to MMA’s weight classes, has created a new committee to focus on mixed martial arts.

The MMA committee will be headed by Nick Lembo, the legal counsel for the New Jersey Athletic Control Board.

Lembo confirmed the appointment with

Good news, boxing officials will no longer be in charge of making rules for Mixed Martial Arts. They’re almost finished destroying boxing and now they have their sights set on mma. Boxing has too many weight divisions and champions. These boxing officials attempted to add more weight classes to mma in an attempt to make it look more like boxing. After the huge backlash they received from promoters, fans and some state athletic commissions, they downplayed the changes as”guidelines”. It is misguided to have people who aren’t knowledgeable about a particular sport to pass rules and regulations for that sport.

Statement from the office of Nick Lembo via

I have been asked to chair the ABC’s MMA committee.

The ABC is comprised of athletic commissions from the United States and territories, Canadian provinces and both countries sovereign indian lands.

I would like your participation and input with regard to review of professional and amateur MMA matters. Your assistance would be a benefit to our committee members.

Your participation will conclude with a presentation report and document to the ABC membership at their 2009 convention in New Orleans next July. Please reply to me if interested.

Thank you for your involvement and support of the sport.

Nick Lembo

July 14, 2008

The “New York Bad Ass” Phil Baroni assaulted after fight in England

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The ‘New York Badass’ Phil Baroni has decided not to press charges following an assault on him at Wembley Arena on Saturday night, witnessed by millions on live television.

Cage Rage officials have, however, banned the brother of his defeated opponent, Scott Jansen, from attending future fights following the incident at Cage Rage 27 presented by EliteXC.

First, the American banged out plucky Brit Jansen in a blistering battle, which lasted just 3:18 of round one. Then as Baroni went to check on Jansen’s condition, he fended off an attacker that, without warning, headbutted the 32-year-old.

A sanguine Baroni has decided to let the matter rest. “These things happen,” said Baroni. “It must be tough to see a loved one get knocked out like that. Emotions ran high. I want to put this behind me.”

Dave O’Donnell, Cage Rage co-promoter stated, “We launched an immediate investigation into cage-side security and have issued a ban on a member of Scott’s family attending future fights.

“This should not have happened. Baroni has shown a lot of dignity throughout. Many fighters might have responded and escalated the situation.

Heres the vid of the fight
uploaded by IKTFO

Jose Canseco Knocked Out in Atlantic City

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Video of the destruction

uploaded by TamaSaute

Steven A. Smith talks about the fight

uploaded by Handsofstone1000


uploaded by xsportstvx

Click here for pictures of the event from Wax Heaven

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